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Hello there! I'm a slightly silly Game Design and Development student at RIT with passions for graphic design and programming.

A lot of my extra knowledge is in the industry alternatives (like GIMP, XNA/Monogame, etc), but I pick up new software and programming languages quickly and aim to overachieve.

My most played video game is Rocket League, although the type of game I'm inspired to create is something like Life is Strange or Beyond: Two Souls.

Oh and did I mention I like Meeples?

Here is some of the stuff I've worked on, starting with the most recent stuff:

Computer Generated Asteroids

This semester there was an assignment to make a basic game of asteroids in Unity. Already having worked on an asteroids game last semester (see below), I decided that I would kick it up a notch.

Take a close look at the screenshot, especially at the graphics. In this entire project, I did not hand draw a single pixel. Nor did I use stock graphics. Before each level, every last graphic is generated by scripts that I wrote. It can take a while to generate, so it's more of a proof-of-concept, but level load times are still reasonable enough to play. This is my first semester using Unity (and I haven't played with it before), so I wanted to prove that I could pick it up very quickly.

Download Computer Generated Asteroids (ZIP file)

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Really Complicated Asteroids

This is a screenshot from a game I worked on. It's a space shooter where the goal of the game is to strategically make your way through the different enemies to defeat the boss at the end of the level. There are 5 different types of enemies, asteroids that split up into smaller chunks, and planets which influence the player with their gravity. Most of the objects can be collided with and explode.

Really Complicated Asteroids was made by a team, which I know isn't something that employers usually look for, but this one is different. It was a GDAPS2 project, but since 3 of the 5 students in my group (including me) were advanced, we decided to create an ambitious project. Personally, I committed over 9000 lines of code which included ALL of the physics and collisions, explosion and glow effects, as well as a ton of the graphics.

Download Really Complicated Asteroids (ZIP file)

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HODLbot: A Bitcoin Bot

This is a discord bot I created a while ago in order to track the movements of different cryptocurrencies. It's a Heroku app built on the Discord4J Java framework, and it adds cryptocurrency ticker data (from to a Postgres database, then analyzes that data to determine which coins are moving up the fastest.

Also, I added a bit of fun to it: a commenting based point system, and then a slot game:

The code is currently stored in a private github repository on my profile, if you'd like to see it you can send me an email to request access.

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Turtle Triangles

Soooooooo... Python Turtle Graphics pretty much gives you a little "turtle" that can move around the screen and draw lines / shapes.

What should I make? A graph? A recursive thingy? Maybe a fractal?

Okay so I don't know exactly what was going through my mind when I made this, but I created a walkaround 3D dynamically lighted demo world with Python Turtle Graphics only. It runs at a VERY SOLID 2 FPS on my laptop.

If you'd like to try it out, download the file below and run in Python 3.6.0. Arrow keys to move.

Download TurtleTriangles (ZIP file)

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Stuffed Animal Drawing

A few years ago I got my drawing tablet and I've been trying to improve my drawing skills with it. This is a drawing I made of a stuffed animal once I had practiced a little bit.

I made it in GIMP over about 24 hours spread out between a few days, based on when I felt like drawing.

This was a pretty hard reference as I had the stuffed animal set up and posed and just drew what I saw. But I still wanted to include it here because I think it shows my attention to detail.

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It's impossible not to love some good meeple-shaped fireworks!